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Freightliner Classic XL v21.11.2017 [Patch v2] ATS 1.29

Patch v2 for Freightliner Classic XL 21.11.2017 (v1.29.x)

Freightliner Classic XL by odd_fellow
Update to v1.29.x by Genius

Use along with above mentioned truck.


Fixes the following:

Crash when selecting flat top cab option
Multiple missing interior pieces for flat top cab option
Missing (SiSL) interior accessories for both cabs
Missing sounds
Restores SCI steering wheel logo to all non-Freightliner trucks

Patch made from files pulled from other trucks by odd_fellow. Much thanks to him for his beautiful trucks.
Thanks to Genius for the update to v1.29.x
Restore SCI steering wheel logo credit: SCS
Patch compiled by Windsor351

Credits: odd_fellow, SCS, Windsor351


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