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Freightliner Classic XL


ATS Mod: Freightliner Classic XL for American Truck Simulator.
Dealer Kenworth.

Authors: John Ruda,DnO (Кирилл Кузмин)


ATS Price (Pre-order here!)

The game is closer to us than it has ever been! Probably many of you are thinking how much will American Truck Simulator cost? When will we be able to download ATS? Will it be the same price as ETS2? How much will we pay for the DLCs?

First of all, ATS will be launched with the Californian map and then we will get a bunch of free updates from SCS with some other parts of the map like Nevada, Arizona (Read more here: American Truck Simulator Map DLC) and some free updates with trucks. Later on SCS plans to cover the entire map of the USA and some of the map DLCs that will come out later will cost probably more that the game itself. This depends on the sales that ATS will get and that is up to us, the fans.

Now getting back to the main poin of the article, the recommended price of the game is going to be $20/€20, ‘though it is to be expected that for alternate currencies’.  It is a fair price in my opinion and I cannot wait to download it on the official release date of February 3,2016!

If you would like, you could pre-order American Truck Simulator right now, at a much better deal I got for you guys, for the price of €14,99 following this link:

download american truck simulator

American Truck Simulator launch trailer

The official launch video trailer of American Truck Simulator has been posted by SCS today. Check it out! And I also have a question. Inside the video you can also hear that there are some guys talking in the background which leads me to think that there might be a CB radio included in ATS as a surprise? Probably not, but we’ll see this soon because just a few days are left!

American Truck Simulator Map DLC

american truck simulator

How big will the ATS map be? Will we have an expansion for the map?

We got the answers to those questions. First of all in the initial release, American Truck Simulator will include just the Californian part of the US map. Nevada part of the map is also ready and will be released shortly after the release of the game. This means there will be a Nevada map DLC which will be free for everyone.

Right now the Arizona part of the map is under construction too. Arizona DLC will also be a free game update for everybody.

american truck simulator map

SCS is planing to extend the map more than these areas possibly covering all the USA map. The also ask us to ‘be aware that the road ahead of us is long’, and it will take them years to cover the continent.

American Truck licensing

What trucks will be available in American Truck Simulator? Will we have official trucks licensed in the game?

If you are wondering about any of these, I will clarify everything for you in this post.

Until this moment, SCS informed us in their latest post that they planed to release ATS with at least 4 trucks in the game but, unfortunately the negotiations about licensing the trucks in game takes a longer time than expected.

At the release date the game will be launched with only 2 trucks officially licensed. Kenworth T 680 and Peterbilt 579 will be part of the game when it will be released.

kt680 p579

Soon enough, we will see some more licensed trucks part of free American Truck Simulator updates. A truck that will be released soon after the game is out is the Kenworth W900 and the Peterbilt 389.

kw900 p389

The following trucks that you will see in this post are just for illustrative purposes and they might appear in the game after the release if SCS manages to get the proper licensing for them.

You can see that there is a Freightliner Cascadia Evolution and a Volvo VNL780 (or Vailant as they call it).

flce vnl780

In the next picture is a render of a International Lonestar.


Game Bonus

American Truck Simulator will be released in both digital and retail on February 3, 2016. And that is an official release date after waiting years for this game.

SCS wants to go on a sales spike right after the game will be released, so that way it catches the attention of many other players and to raise awareness of the game’s release. People can help them by following the game on Steam (pressing the Follow button). To reward everyone they will give a free Steampunk-themed truck skins. The say that ‘as long as you follow the game’s official Steam community announcements and activate your game on Steam during the week after its release, you are eligible for this bonus.’

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American Truck Simulator Release Date

It’s official! We have a American Truck Simulator Release Date! This date was given by SCS so now we know this is trustworthy.

The ATS release date is February 3, 2016.

american truck simulator release date

Are you guys excited or what? This release will be just the first step, because American Truck Simulator will be updated much more in the future, SCS planing to include the whole North American map in the game.

Sounds in American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator will get a lot of custom sounds especially for prefabs. Depending on where you are, custom sounds will be played in the background. Also it will depend whether it is day or night which sounds will be played. Check the video below posted by SCS today to convince yourself.

Also we have reasons to believe that American Truck Simulator release date is very close to us as SCS said in their latest post that they are working on the ‘finishing touches’.