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American Truck Simulator website

After the new design release of the ETS2 website and since the release of ATS is closer it was now time that American Truck Simulator got a new official website.

You can check it out at


It has a few interesting images from the game and a small teaser from American Truck Simulator. No release date is noted, just small information about the game.

ATS at E3

You might already know that American Truck Simulator has been invited to the gaming show E3. E3 is one of the biggest gaming events and we are proud to say that ATS was there. There has also been a live stream with people playing the simulator.

More news and updates about the release date coming soon! Until then, here is a screenshot from American Truck Simulator to make the wait easier.

American Truck Simulator Teaser

A new video of American Truck Simulator has been released today to the public by SCS on their YouTube channel.

At the end, after you watch the beautiful sceneries and trucks from American Truck Simulator, there is a quote: ‘It’s not driving, it’s trucking’.

How do you feel about this teaser? I personally cannot wait to mod ATS with mods you will find here on ATS Mods website!

American Truck Simulator is back!

We find out in a new article from SCS’s World of Trucks newsletter that American Truck Simulator will be released this year. After they finished releasing the new Scandinavia patch for ETS2, they intend to ‘switch the gears’, as they say, and will focus more on American Truck Simulator. So, we will find more and more stuff about the upcoming ATS game.

An important thing to say is that we will get a few trucks with official licensing. The possible release date of ATS is later this year. I would say that we can expect it to be released at least in the fall of 2015.


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