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American Truck Simulator Gameplay Screenshots

We do not know yet the American Truck Simulator release date but I hope SCS will keep their promise and deliver it to us by the and of the year. Hopefully we will be able to download American Truck Simulator by then.

Until then, we got some new screenshots from the game.


american_truck_simulator_2 american_truck_simulator_1


In their latest post, SCS informs us of still having a long time before releasing an American Truck Simulator beta to their inner circle of beta testers. We also can we warmed by the fact that they said everything is in place, so it’s pretty much done, but the team is still working on polishing environment details, economy, vehicle assets and game optimization.

american_truck_simulator_5 american_truck_simulator_6 american_truck_simulator_4


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Interiors in ATS

Here I got all the pictures I could find with the interiors of the trucks in American Truck Simulator. If you got more, send them on our Facebook page:

You will see a few truck brands which will hopefully make it in the game.Thje brands with interior I was able to find are Peterbilt and Kenworth. More coming soon.

p579_00 ats_peterbilt_07

Here are some shots I took from ATS in game videos.

ats_gameplay_03 ats_gameplay_07 ats_gameplay_06 ats_gameplay_08 ats_gameplay_10

The following pictures are from back when ATS was at the beginning.

002 004 k900_front k900_int_panorama

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys appreciate my effort. American Truck Simulator will be released at the end of this year and I bet you cannot wait until then so stay tuned for news on out Facebook page:

Kenworth in American Truck Simulator

While American Truck Simulator is under development, SCS Soft are trying to license many truck brands in the game. Basically what this means is that they can use the real logo and names in the game with permission from truck manufacturers.

Kenworth is an American truck manufacturers of medium and heavy duty trucks. I think Kenworth has the biggest chances to be licensed as it is part on Paccar company and DAF which is part of it too already let SCS use their brand in ETS2.

Here are a few photos from ATS with Kenworth trucks that I found.

Kenworth waiting at a weight station


Delivering logs


Kenworth truck in the official teaser

kenworth in video teaser

Around LA


002 004 001 002 (1)

Also on the homepage of the ATS website


Shots of Kenworth trucks in a ATS gameplay video

ats_gameplay_04 ats_gameplay_231 ats_gameplay_05 ats_gameplay_13

These were exterior shots of Kenworth trucks. Follow this link to see interior pictures of Kenworth trucks in ATS.(coming soon)

Cities in American Truck Simulator map

During the time SCS Soft leaked photos and videos of American Truck Simulator I made a list where I tried adding most of the cities I was able to see that are on the ATS map. Of course after the release there will be a lot of map expansions mods which you will be able to find here on ATS Mods website!

Los Angeles
Sacramento Valley
San Diego
San Rafael
Santa Clara
Santa Cruz

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American Truck Simulator website

After the new design release of the ETS2 website and since the release of ATS is closer it was now time that American Truck Simulator got a new official website.

You can check it out at


It has a few interesting images from the game and a small teaser from American Truck Simulator. No release date is noted, just small information about the game.

ATS at E3

You might already know that American Truck Simulator has been invited to the gaming show E3. E3 is one of the biggest gaming events and we are proud to say that ATS was there. There has also been a live stream with people playing the simulator.

More news and updates about the release date coming soon! Until then, here is a screenshot from American Truck Simulator to make the wait easier.

American Truck Simulator Teaser

A new video of American Truck Simulator has been released today to the public by SCS on their YouTube channel.

At the end, after you watch the beautiful sceneries and trucks from American Truck Simulator, there is a quote: ‘It’s not driving, it’s trucking’.

How do you feel about this teaser? I personally cannot wait to mod ATS with mods you will find here on ATS Mods website!