Revisiting The State Of California

The State of California in American Truck Simulator is getting a reskin! ATS is over 5 years old now and it’s only getting older. California is one of the first states that were released in the game. It’s time for a proper reconstruction of it!

ats california update

What will be changing? Here is a list from SCS Software’s blog:

  • All cities will undergo a redesign and adjustments to reflect our current quality standards
  • A large number of new assets reflecting California’s specific signs, architecture, road systems, tourist attractions, industrial depots, and more!
  • New Agriculture Control Stations which will be located at the borders of the state
  • Major road layout rework

So basically, the California part of the ATS map is getting obsolete. So comparing it to the other newer states, like the ATS Colorado DLC, it looks outdated. The SCS team is bringing it to higher standards!

caliornia american truck simulator

This will come as a free updated for all the players. Also it will also come in smaller phases across the next patches. Currently there is no exact release date from what we know.

Some of the biggest updates in American Truck Simulator California reskin:

  • New agriculture border control stations: this is something I came across in my trip through California. I had to visit one of these control stations when driving from Carson City inside California.

american truck simulator agricultural inspection

  • Weigh stations update: making them even more realistic and according to the ones found in the state in real life.

ats mod weight station

We always read your comments and appreciate your thoughts. Let us know below what you think. I personally love California and I appreciate this update. Also make sure to checkout other ATS map mods on our website. Follow us on Facebook. Keep on trucking!

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