ATS Map Expansion: Washington

American Truck Simulator Washington DLC

American Truck Simulator is getting a new state attached, this time it’s the state of Washington. We can see Seattle in SCS’s latest post and it’s looking stunning.

American Truck Simulator Washington DLC download

According to their post on their blog, the upcoming DLC features a scenic road: the 101 route. So this route will go on the coast of the US with the Pacific Ocean.

In the video below, we can see a container that is picked up from a trailer. This makes us think that will be a new feature in the game. What do you think about that?

Also in the WIP screenshots the vegetation looks a little bit yellowish. We think that we will also get a few ports and I think they look pretty detailed.

ATS Washington DLC

I also have to mention that with the current pace that they work on these ATS DLCs, we will probably have a full map of the US in 2050 and it will cost us a whole lot. I’m not hating, I realize the difficulty of doing this and the level of detail that they put in these projects. But, above all I think that there are ways to finish them earlier, but I don’t think they want to. Finally, what is you opinion on this?

Therefore, if you want an even better experience, check out our map mods for ATS: ATS Map Mods.

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