Trailers and Cargo Pack

ats Trailers and Cargo Pack

Trailers and Cargo Pack mod for ATS adds in game 44 new trailers and 130 new cargo. All standalone. Works on any maps. Compatible with all my packs. Models and skins by SCS Software, Giant Software, SoftLab, Astragon Software, Polygonish, Cape, Bruno77, Bora, Hardtrucksthebest, Rubberduck, Mavis, Sherry0, Tony1971, luder, bayonet, petercar379, KMN Modding, Smarty, TruckSim, … Read more

Sparta 4 Bolster Log Trailer

Log Trailer ats mod

Here’s a little something I just wrapped up. It’s been quietly in development since last June and is one of several things I wanted to release when Oregon launched. If anyone has been around since 18WoS:PttM, this may look familiar (hardtruckisthebest made a similar trailer for PttM). It’s a pretty typical all-steel four-bolster log trailer, … Read more

Benson end-dump

Benson end-dump american truck simulator

This ATS trailer Benson end-dump hauls coal. i arranged the origins & destinations in accordance with everyone’s suggestions. The resulting job list was a bit short, so aside from coal cargo, there’s now gravel & limestone too. Some issues i couldn’t solve. I couldn’t make freight market jobs work correctly, so right now there aren’t … Read more

Fontaine Phantom Trailer

ats Fontaine Phantom Trailer mod

The Fontaine Phantom is a discontinued model of all-aluminum flatbed trailer that was produced in the mid- to-late 2000’s. The trailer in this mod represents the most typical configuration of the Phantom; 48 feet long, 102 inches wide with spread axles. This is my first trailer mod for ATS, based on a vastly improved version … Read more

Manac Steel Flatbed

ats mod Manac Steel Flatbed

Manac Steel Flatbed ATS trailer mod. Corby’s Manac Steel Flatbed Notes: Chassis types: 2 (tandem, spread) Chassis color is not changeable currently Two body types: Headboard and non-headboard (loads will change depending) No additional accessories at this time. Credits: Corby – The whole thing The SAF axle cap is also mine Steve aka EVH5150 – … Read more