Peterbilt 352/362

Peterbilt 352

Welcome to the Peterbilt 352/362 truck mod for ATS. This update brought tons and tons of new changes and improvements such as new chassis, parts, skins, better materials and more. There are way too many changes to list all right here but some notable changes were addon support for Kreichbaum’s Engine Sound 3.3 and Rockeropasiempre’s … Read more

Benson end-dump

Benson end-dump american truck simulator

This ATS trailer Benson end-dump hauls coal. i arranged the origins & destinations in accordance with everyone’s suggestions. The resulting job list was a bit short, so aside from coal cargo, there’s now gravel & limestone too. Some issues i couldn’t solve. I couldn’t make freight market jobs work correctly, so right now there aren’t … Read more

Fontaine Phantom Trailer

ats Fontaine Phantom Trailer mod

The Fontaine Phantom is a discontinued model of all-aluminum flatbed trailer that was produced in the mid- to-late 2000’s. The trailer in this mod represents the most typical configuration of the Phantom; 48 feet long, 102 inches wide with spread axles. This is my first trailer mod for ATS, based on a vastly improved version … Read more

Freightliner Coronado 132SD/122SD

Freightliner Coronado truck mod

Freightliner Coronado truck mod for American Truck Simulator. This truck is based on the next generation Coronado, officially called the 122SD. Now, a 132SD variant has been included (common choice when they came out in 2010 among Nascar Haulers), along with a SBA variant. It features a 70 inch Highrise, Midroof XT, midroof, and daycab. … Read more

JBX Settings RC v1.6.1 – Reshade

The post-processing effects of Reshade + JBX Settings RC offer more realistic graphics and compatibility with many Games. Features: – Anti-Aliasing – Better Color – Better Contrast – Less Pure White – Sharpness and Focus Package Content: – Reshade – JBX Settings RC Changelog v1.6.1 for Reshade: Adjustments and Improvements in Arcane Bloom. – Added … Read more

Real Tires Mod 3.1

Real Tires Mod ats

Hello truckers! So this is a sister mod of my Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel pack. It works with both stock and 50k wheel rims. It includes 114 different front and 134 different rear tires from some of the biggest tire manufacturers Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Continental, Dunlop, Fulda, Hankook and Pirelli! All of … Read more