Kenworth K100

kenworth k100 truck mod

ats Kenworth K100 1.37

I believe this is a crucial piece for a game calling itself American Truck Simulator.
A while ago, it became clear to me, that there’s never gonna be a decent K100 mod. So i’ve cleared up some time to learn Blender, and get accustomed to all the SCS tools. And proceeded to work full-time on this project, for 4 months straight.
Sometime after release, i could deny it no longer, that the resulting product looked like horse-dung. 😯 😆 All the new references & data that i came across since, further confirmed that. With my acquired knowledge & 3D experience, i began work again. This time, the result was version 1.1 of the mod. The less-than-ideal interiors from the initial release are still here, but i’ll argue that the cab models are more accurate than anything available. (to the date of writing this)

– All 4 essential cabs (90″, 90″ Aerodne, 112″, and 112″ Aerodyne)
– All the fairings and wind deflectors based on factory options.
– Factory paint schemes.
– Matching interiors. But, slightly simplified compared to real life, because I’m not RTA, nor Steve Roache.

1.2 change notes:
– added 2 marker light add-ons
– Re-textured grille, exhausts & air ducts.
– Replaced sounds with SCS W900 sounds, for 1.37 compatibility.

1.2.1 change notes:
– ATS 1.39 compatibility

Don’t re-upload. If you really have to, be a decent human, and redirect to this page.

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Credits: SCS – chassis models, lights, sounds.
Harven – Motor model
Kriechbaum – Sounds in previous versions
Overfloater – K100 models

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.40 +

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.39 +

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