Audi RS3 Sportback

Audi RS3 Sportback

Audi RS3 Sportback mod for American Truck Simulator. CHANGELOG: – Fixed headlights – Fixed mirrors – Minor edits and fixes – New physics – New license plate – Added more paintjobs & skins – Added 2.5 L TFSI TVS Engineering engine (stage 2 remap, more power than the stock one) – Reconfigured transmission (improved realism) … Read more

Mercedes-Benz S Class Car Mod

ats Mercedes-Benz S Class Car Mod

Mercedes-Benz W222 S-Class car mod for American Truck Simulator. Change log for the mod: – Fixed mirrors – Edited some materials – New physics – Re-textured interior and exterior – Reworked engine (improved realism) – Reconfigured transmission (improved realism) – Reconfigured chassis (improved realism) – Reconfigured tachometer animation *To achieve the top speed, slot the … Read more

Porsche Panamera Turbo 2010

Porsche Panamera Turbo car

ATS car mod Porsche Panamera Turbo 2010. Change log for the latest version: Fixed headlights Restored missing rim in front disc New V8 sound Reworked engine configuration to improve realism (your feedback would be appreciated) Reconfigured transmission (improved realism) (your feedback would be appreciated) New chassis (improved realism) Remodeled tachometer animation Major edits and fixes … Read more

Ford Transit MK6 1.37

Ford Transit mk6

ATS car mod Ford Transit MK6. Mod for American Truck Simulator patch 1.37, tested and working. Features: Cabin DLC All gauges animations Automatic gear animation Real gauges Tuning part 3 interiors Skins Changes: Fix sound for ATS 1.37 Credits: trzpro DOWNLOAD

Volkswagen Caddy v1.3

Can buy in Volvo dealership Tested in American Truck Simulator patch 1.36 Own interior Own sound Lightmask DLC Cabin Accessories Support Painted in metal Small tuning Work hitch (towbar), catches passenger trailers Adapted for ATS Credits: trzpro, yellow1441 DOWNLOAD

Volkswagen Amarok v1.1

Volkswagen Amarok v1.1 for ATS patch 1.34 Updates in v1.1: – Buy in Kenworth – Fixed Roof lights location for Offroad chassis – Fixed trailer attachemt point at rear bumper Now can attach Caravan trailer and ownable Mini trailer for ATS 1.33 and up Links to both of these trailers are in this mod’s in … Read more