No more barriers mod

No more barriers mod

Removes all barriers for a more seamless and realistic experience. This is updated to work with new ETS2 DLC and versions of the game. The ugly barriers that are present almost everywhere in the game on the map will be hidden. Also if you just stick to the GPS you won’t have any problem with … Read more

Tempest Night Background Mod v1.3

ats Tempest Night Background Mod

This mod adds Tempest Night background option to Euro Truck Simulator 2. The background converted from Euro Truck Simulator 2 and made by SCS Software. By downloading and using our mods, you agree to these terms: – Do not copy any data from mods. – Also do not edit/change mod files unless necessary. – However … Read more

Rest Period 1.38

ats Rest Period

ATS Rest Period mod. When you are tired and about to rest, there is no option to set the duration of rest period. So you have to rest for 10 hours. But what if you just want to take a nap? With this mod it is possible to rest for a period of 4 hours. … Read more

New Summer Graphics & Weather

New Summer Graphics and Weather

New Summer Graphics & Weather mod for ATS 1.37 version This mod makes improvements to the default summer weather and environment. Key Features Replaces the Realistic Environment mod Realistic terrain and grass colouring More flowery vegetation Weather & lighting improvements HDR Bloom Reduced Improved rain & wheel spray Compatible with all map DLC’s Compatibility latest … Read more

Realistic Rain v3.5.1 for 1.37

ats realistic rain

Features – Realistic textures of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows) – Greater amount of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows) – Improved textures of rain – Realistic windshield effects – Improved water particles of the wheels (Truck and AI Traffic) – Realistic rain sounds from inside cabin & outside view – Realistic … Read more