Late Autumn/Mild Winter v3.0

ats Late Autumn Mild Winter mod

This ATS mod simulates Late Autumn/Early Winter weather and environment. It’s a great American Truck Simulator graphics and weather mod. Features: Random grey sky, misty and sunny weather More sky textures Darker lighting and skies during rainy weather Improved rain & wheel spray HDR Bloom reduced (default hdr addon also available) No thunder or lightning … Read more

Improved SCS Rain

ats mod Improved SCS Rain

This is an American Truck Simulator mod for Improved SCS Rain. Do you like SCS raindrops? You might be interested in this mod. This ATS mod is based on the raindrop textures from SCS, but has been improved for a more realistic appearance: the size of the raindrops has been reduced slightly, the number of … Read more

Truck Camera Distance

Truck Camera Distance ats mods

This is the Truck Camera Distance for ATS mod. When you drive without a trailer attached, the distance of the outside camera behind the truck is too short. As a result scenery far away is difficult to see. With this mod the camera is put at a greater distance behind the truck. Happy driving and … Read more

Real Gas Stations Revival Project

Real Gas Stations Revival Project

Hi Many of you already know that P16 stopped making/updating his mods which, in my opinion, were the best logo mods for American Truck Simulator. Therefore, as I promised some time ago and as a content creator to some mods I decided to continue the work by myself, since there aren’t many similar mods. With … Read more