Late Autumn/Mild Winter v4.2

ats Late Autumn Mild Winter mod

This ATS mod simulates Late Autumn/Early Winter weather and environment.🍂❄️ It’s a great American Truck Simulator graphics and weather mod. Embark on a captivating journey through the changing seasons with theLate Autumn/Mild Winter mod for American Truck Simulator (ATS). Immerse yourself in the visual splendor of autumn hues and mild winter landscapes as you traverse … Read more

Frosty Winter Weather Mod v5.0

Frosty Winter Weather Mod

This is a ATS Winter Mod. It changes the textures of the roads, plants, sky and more to create winter in American Truck Simulator. Key Features: Winter weather and environment Snow/Sleet instead of rain More sky textures Frosty road textures Winter daylight hours and temperatures Random cloudy, misty and sunny weather HDR bloom reduced *Heavy … Read more

Real Traffic Density Winter

ats Real Traffic Density Winter

ATS mod Real Traffic Density Winter addon this addon will make all Ai driving slower being ideal for Winter weather mods like the one of Grimes includes separate speed limitations for sunny, snowy and foggy weather works correctly only in combination with Real traffic density mod (activate the addon with higher priority) works in any … Read more

Coca-Cola Skin Combo

Coca-Cola Skin Combo

Welcome! This is another ATS trailer skin combo mod. It also features a Coca-Cola skin for the Mack Anthem truck. It’s available for all the SCS box trailer sizes. So as you can see in the pictures, as the size changes, the skin changes as well. Enjoy! Thanks to the author for this great ATS … Read more