Wyoming Rail Transport

ats wyoming dlc

Here’s to our transportation friends from the railroads, getting a tribute in American Truck Simulator! Just like us they deliver cargo all across the country. So we have to work together to keep the world moving. Starting with the ATS Wyoming DLC, we will be able to help our friends. SCS announces that we will … Read more

Wyoming DLC special new places

ats wyoming dlc

We’re all waiting for new updates on the American Truck Simulator DLCs. We cover news and ATS mods too! Check them out after getting in touch with what’s coming. Firstly, you probably know already that there are two major map expansions coming to the game. Wyoming DLC and the recently announced Texas map expansion. Today … Read more

ATS Wyoming DLC new jobs

ats wyoming

ATS upcoming map expansion, the Wyoming DLC, will create more jobs for us. Industries is one part of American Truck Simulator that is gradually updated. This makes even more sense because each state is different. So feeling that in ATS makes it more realistic. After reading this, you should also check out our article about … Read more