Project Straylia

Project Straylia map mod

Project Straylia is a 1:10 scale recreation of the southern coast of Australia. The aim of this project is to bring an authentic Australian trucking experience to ATS with as few compromises as possible. It’s not just a map mod, but rather a standalone experience. This mod requires the creation of a new profile, click … Read more

Discover Ontario Map (WIP)

ATS Discover Ontario Map

Discover Ontario Map is a work in progress project by Attom. Follow the development and add feedback on the SCS forum thread. Message from author: First thanks to Mantrid for maintaining Canadream, I hope he will continue. Thanks to BlazingCreeperx for helping to add compatibility. NOTE: there are a few minor holes in scenes, WIP, … Read more

Route Alaska Map

ats alaska map

New Alaska Map mod for American Truck Simulator. The map adds a route to the city of Valdez Alaska from the port of Coupeville. Changes in 1.2: the map has been moved to another sector to the north new loading locations have been added bugs have been fixed for the previous version Fixes, departure near … Read more

USA Reimagined Map

usa reimagined

USA Reimagined Map mod for American Truck Simulator. USA Reimagined is my own rework of the existing prefabs: Garages, Dealerships and Fuel Stations. In their current state these 3 prefab types have been laid down but without much detail on them, or the surrounding areas. What this mod will do is bring some life back … Read more

Mountain Roads

Mountain Roads map mod

  Mountain Roads map mod for American Truck Simulator. New releases every week with new routes and improvements. If you like this little map please subscribe to my YouTube channel Urban Trucking II where I will share new updates. Changelog v1.2.2: -Fixed invisible walls in Seagulls and Flakes -New road between Cabana and La Herradura … Read more

US 24 Extension off Colorado Springs 1.3.2

US 24 Extension Colorado Springs ats mod

ATS map mod US 24 Extension off Colorado Springs. Changelog: Removed middle barriers and replaced them barriers either side of the roads. Added trees and various foliage. Tidied up vertices. Altered terrain and surrounding buildings to blend in better. Added far model trees in the distance to stop “the void” appearing. usa.mbd has been removed, … Read more