Coast to Coast Map – v2.12

ats Coast to Coast Map

Coast to Coast Map mod for ATS. With both it and the Idaho DLC released, it’s time to put them together with the map.

Attention: All DLCs are required (except Wyoming) in order to run this American Truck Simulator map mod. Report any problems on the SCS forum.

Also for installation, follow the video tutorial below. You have to respect a certain type of mod ordering.

Version 2.11.16 change log:

  • updated the mod to fix a minor issue introduced by the latest ATS update

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Credits: Mantrid

DOWNLOAD mod v2.12.4 for ATS 1.42 +

DOWNLOAD mod v2.12.2 for ATS 1.41 +

34 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map – v2.12”

  1. Long time user of the Coast to Coast map mod. The crew that works on it do their best to improve it regularly. Always able to address issues that pop up with the mod, and they have a detailed knowledge of what does and doesn’t work with the mod. Cheers on the latest update!

      • I got stuck under a bridge that for sure was high enough for the cargo. I immediately removed the C2C mod and never looked back. You get what ya pay for, I guess.

        That said, I have tremendous respect for the community work, but for a few people like me, it may be more desirable to stick with the paid maps. 🙃

    • it works actually i only found one where the street light flicker but no problem otherwise its pretty smooth running on my i5 4460-GeForce GTX 1650

  2. this isn’t fair to those of us without all DLC’s we’re in troubling times, and can’t find jobs to be able to buy the DLC’s

    • I would love an update for people who cant afford the dlc like myself dealing with other stuff and cant spend money even though they arent expensive i just cant afford them

  3. I am not sure how yall have it set up but i play hrs a day every day and never have had the first issue. i run about 130 mods as well.i have 80 drivers 130 trucks and 145 trailers as well…. so i would say to the people who have trouble is you have got to be smarter than what your working with..

    • this is unrelated but, what is all the mods your using, and if possible send me a link where all the mods are in one place, IG google drive, because I wanna check them out and use them for my own self.

  4. Please update the speed limit in Texas. On I-10, there’s about 400 miles that should be 80mph. It goes from a little west of San Antonio to just before El Paso (all 75 on the mod). The western end of I-20 has some 80 too that’s 75 on the mod. Would be great to see this fixed.

    If I notice any others I’ll let you know. Thanks!! 🙂

  5. How do you install this mod ? The videos doesn’t show how to properly install the mod, I put it into the game directory but it doesn’t show up in the mod manager in-game.

  6. Do you really need the paint jobs dlcs?? I mean, there are some map dlc like New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, but there are also some dlcs that have nothing to do with the maps, are those really needed to use this mod??

  7. 2.12 is broken in Colorado. I can’t pass through i70 to get to Denver. The only way to get to Denver is by taking I25 all the way down in Arizona. The million dollar highway isn’t passable. Pls fix


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