Brutal Traffic v3.0

ats Brutal Traffic

Features In Brutal Traffic: ✔ Compatible with all maps and all dlc’s ✔ Traffic Jams ✔ Traffic Behaviour ✔ Compatible with any AI Traffic Packs ✔ Lowered Ammount of Trucks and Buses ✔ Improved Traffic Flow ✔ Extended Traffic Lights / Semaphores Timings ✔ Road Traffic Accidents News & Updates: ✔ Improved Traffic Flow ✔ … Read more

Interior Attenuation Sound Fixes Pack

ats Interior Attenuation Sound Fixes Pack

Hi all, Here’s the official topic for my interior attenuation fixes pack for ATS. What’s that interior attenuation fixes pack add to the game? This mod improves the interior sounds to be more realistic. It also makes the noise volume a tad quieter when the windows are rolled up. Please let me know of any bugs: … Read more

Sound Fixes Pack v22.64

ats mods Sound Fixes Pack

Pack provides essential improvements to common sounds in the game for increased immersion. For over 6 years, this mod has proven to be a welcome addition for anyone wanting an immersive experience. The Steam Workshop version is highly recommended for quick and easy updates, maintained for the current game version. The mod is the most … Read more

Trailers Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v6.1

ats mods Trailers Traffic Pack TrafficManiac

This ATS mod ads 164 different trailers in the game traffic, not replacing anything. It is made with only quality lowpoly models – no FPS drop, so that your frames won’t drop. That means it contains low-poly models. In addition it includes cables simulation. Also compatible with Jazzycat’s mods and it works on any maps. … Read more

Utility 2000R

ats Utility 2000R

This ATS trailer mod adds a 1988 Utility 2000R 40′ x 96″ reefer trailer. It features an animated Thermo King Super II refrigeration unit, advanced coupling, and full use of the trailer paintjob system’s current feature set. In v1.1+, this mod also adds a 28′ variant as well as double and Rocky Mountain double configurations. … Read more

More Realistic Truck Stops

ATS More Realistic Truck Stops

Howdy Folks! I’m working on some Truck Stops to make them more realistic, with more life. What do you think of this idea? I find it very strange that we arrive at Truck Stops and there is no life, people walking, talking, mechanics working and things actually happening. With that, I decided to start this … Read more