Engine Sound S.N021 1.33

American Truck Simulator version 1.33.x MOD: KPV Engine Sound S.N021 v20.12.2018 scs This mod changes [orange]sound any engine[normal] all trucks SCS in ATS, list trucks: DOWNLOAD

Klaas Real Gas Prices

This mod changes the gas prices values of the default map with realistic gas prices values, daily updated. Gas prices: (from 11.02.2019) – Arizona = DOWNLOAD

Tanker Aussie v1.0.0.0

Tanker Aussie for American Truck Simulator – Ownable – Different skins – Combin 2,3and 4 trailer – tested ATS patch 1.34 Credits: KishadoW DOWNLOAD

CanaDream v2.8.3 1.34

CanaDream map 2.8.3 map mod for ATS patch 1.34. Updates: -weigh stations -models -updated some of the Oil Tanks Credits: ManiaX DOWNLOAD