Real Tires Mod 3.1

Real Tires Mod ats

Hello truckers! So this is a sister mod of my Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel pack. It works with both stock and 50k wheel rims. It includes 114 different front and 134 different rear tires from some of the biggest tire manufacturers Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Continental, Dunlop, Fulda, Hankook and Pirelli! All of … Read more

CanaDream Map – v2.39.2

CanaDream map mod for American Truck Simulator. Removed old sectors of Alaska that were still in the mod. Fixed an invisible wall in Edmonton, plus modified that intersection. Mantrid has taken over the map. Here is a message from him on the SCS forum: I have now taken over the maintenance of Canadream. I will … Read more

Great America v1.7.1

ats great america

Great America ATS map mod by voith Version 1.5.2: -Middle and north nebraska reworked real landscapes,vegetations added and everything changed. -Some scenic nebraska routes are same with old ı dont touch them. -New 7 garages added in iowa and nebraska. -Tunnel echos added and tunnel rain problems fixed. -Some tiny ımprovements addded wyoming after idaho … Read more

Manac Steel Flatbed

ats mod Manac Steel Flatbed

Manac Steel Flatbed ATS trailer mod. Corby’s Manac Steel Flatbed Notes: Chassis types: 2 (tandem, spread) Chassis color is not changeable currently Two body types: Headboard and non-headboard (loads will change depending) No additional accessories at this time. Credits: Corby – The whole thing The SAF axle cap is also mine Steve aka EVH5150 – … Read more

Grand Canyon Rebuild

ats Grand Canyon Rebuild map

This map is a Grand Canyon Rebuild ATS map mod. This project contains a rebuild of the Grand Canyon and a reskin of Grand Canyon Village. All without touching old companies so it will compatible for a long time. Release date will follow soon. Hope you enjoy it! Credits: FisherJB DOWNLOAD mod version 1.2 for … Read more

Lowboy Cargo Extended

ats Lowboy Cargo Extended mod

This mod expands on the standard SCS lowboy, namely: – Adds new cargoes; – Allows you to buy an extended version of the trailer from the Special Transport DLC; – Allows you to transport cargo from the Special Transport DLC without restrictions and escorts, like regular cargo. Cargoes for a standart trailer are available in … Read more