Trailmobile SuperVan 90

ats trailer mod Trailmobile SuperVan 90

Trailmobile SuperVan 90 ATS  mod. Information about older Canadian semitrailers is scarce on the internet, but if you look through enough 1980’s/90’s Canadian trucking photos, the distinctive SuperVan 90 wordmark is likely to catch your eye more than a few times. As far as I know, these would have been made in the Brampton, ON … Read more

American Truck Stop

american truck stop mod

American Truck Stop mod By Ernst Veliz. Mod for American Truck Simulator. In it the author added more trucks in all companies, gas stations and truck stops. DLC REQUIRED: NEW MEXICO, UTAH, OREGON, WASHINGTON, NEVADA, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA MOD REQUIRED: Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat Latest Version (optional) INSTALLATION: C: \ Users \ user \ … Read more

Barstow Extended map 2.0

Barstow Extended ats map mod

Another American Truck Simulator map mod extension for us from Digital X. This small project (for now, it will expand over time) adds a small extension to the city of Barstow, with a more rural setting. I will expand southbound from Barstow first, before heading south-east and see how I go from there. Requires all … Read more

US 24 Extension off Colorado Springs 1.1

US 24 Extension Colorado Springs ats mod

ATS map mod US 24 Extension off Colorado Springs. Version 1.1 is now released. Changelog: Removed middle barriers and replaced them barriers either side of the roads. Added trees and various foliage. Tidied up vertices. Altered terrain and surrounding buildings to blend in better. Added far model trees in the distance to stop “the void” … Read more

Multiple Trailers in Traffic

Multiple Trailers in Traffic

Multiple Trailers in Traffic ATS mod. Someone anonymous did one for earlier versions of both games but it didn’t get updated after an SCS update. It was credited to Jazzycat but although it used his truck models it never appeared on his web site, so I assume his participation was without his knowledge. This one … Read more