Western Star 5700XE Rework

ats Western Star 5700XE

Western Star 5700XE Rework mod for American Truck Simulator.

Hello everyone! I want to present to you my complete rework of the Western Star 5700XE mod!

Initially, I had several versions of this track, starting with the oldest version of the game I found, 1.35. I have made many improvements on it based on the official Western Star catalog.

Leave a feedback on the original SCS forum thread.

In three variants of sleeping cabins, you will find many slots for toys from SCS, which will create comfort for a long journey,
a full aero package will save fuel, and the brutal and stylish appearance of the 5700XE will not leave anyone indifferent!

Credits: Sherman

DOWNLOAD ATS mod for patch 1.43 +

1 thought on “Western Star 5700XE Rework”

  1. there is no engine sounds and editing the truck can be kinda difficult because all the parts are mirrors in the menu but the truck does look great


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