Face Mask for Truck Driver

Face Mask for Truck Driver

This ATS mod adds a mask to your driver. You need to protect his against all viruses! It’s pretty critical these days and now you’ll have it in American Truck Simulator too. I wish you healthy driving. We also recommend this Enhanced Driving XPerience mod. Enjoy guys! Credits: ARMADILLO DOWNLOAD

ATS Accessories Pack Special Forces v1.0

ATS Accessories Pack Special Forces

This ATS mod replaces SiSL’s Mega Pack parts. It includes five mugs and six pennants. SiSL’s Mega Pack 3.1 and SiSL’s Mega Pack Addon 1.7 arerequired in order to work succesfuly. Also American Truck Simulator DLC Cabin Accessories 2.0 required. We also recommend this ATS GPS interior mod. On our website we respect the authors … Read more

GPS RG PRO Red Black 5,0

GPS RG PRO Red Black

The GPS RG PRO Red Black ETS2 mod is intended only for the basic SCS + DLC map. (The fix for another map mod definitely shows up) Mod adds – complies with DX11 – speed limiter LED – speed limiter changed position – changes colors – changes the look of a road adviser – smaller … Read more

Mack Anthem Daycab GPS

ats Mack Anthem Daycab GPS

ATS Mack Anthem Daycab GPS mod. Original SCS Interior will be overwritten! This little mod adds the GPS to the Mack Anthem Premium Gray and Premium Tan interior. Tested and Verified with ATS 1.37/1.38 V1: -Initial Release of the mod Credits: SCS Software – Mack Anthem Model xXCARL1992Xx – adding GPS to Daycab DOWNLOAD

Yandex Navigator v1.4

ats Yandex Navigator

Yandex Navigator v1.4 ATS Mod by SinagritBaba. Compatible with American Truck Simulator 1.38 game version. This mod simulates your in-vehicle navigation screen to Yandex Navigator. Navigation screen colors, arrow and map icons have been changed. Your GPS navigation screen will look more realistic now. Brightness Setting: If you think it’s bright, you can change the … Read more

Interior/Exterior Reworks Megapack 1.8.1

ATS Interior Exterior Reworks Megapack

Features for mod version 1.8.1: -Much better interiors textures and materials; -All trucks apart Volvo now have two interior types – with manual or with auto transmission; -Dashboards with KMH or MPH speedometers; -Completely new, better dashboard clusters textures; -Added missing animations like throttle/brake pedals movement * or gear shifter switching; -Added some different missing … Read more