Hands on wheel – Interior driver mod

ats hands on wheel mod

This is a hands on wheel mod for American Truck Simulator. This is my first mod for ATS (American Truck Simulator). It adds hands driving while you enjoy this great game. Only works on original trucks.

Please be respectful to my work. It’s there for free and the only thing that I’m aiming at is that my mod can get to people that can appreciate my work. I don’t got a big channel so if you could help me to spread my mod I’ll be grateful. Share it but don’t forget to give me credit, otherwise I’ll not receive any feedback to improve it and confidence to keep doing such mods.

IMPORTANT: Don’t need to open or extract it, just move the zip file directly to your mod folder. Enjoy it.

Credits: Gonçalo Silva

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.39, 1.40

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