More Realistic Truck Stops

ATS More Realistic Truck Stops

Howdy Folks! I’m working on some Truck Stops to make them more realistic, with more life. What do you think of this idea? I find it very strange that we arrive at Truck Stops and there is no life, people walking, talking, mechanics working and things actually happening. With that, I decided to start this project, editing the main Truck Stops and making them more realistic. Feel free to make suggestions!

**I have not tested nor made a compatibility with any other type of map mod.**

**The issue of trucks showing up at night and having fewer trucks during the day was done perfectly, but to me it doesn’t seem to work perfectly. Hope it works for you guys though(Maybe because I used the game console, and it can’t be used, everything has to happen “naturally”)!**

For more information and to see the locations of the parking areas on the map, go to the official SCS forum thread.

All Washington’s, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Califórnia Top Truck Stops

Credits: SouthernMan

DOWNLOAD mod for 1.45 +

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