ProMods: Canada

canada map ats

ProMods Canada version 1.0.0 has been available since Saturday December 5th. It aims to expand American Truck Simulator northwards into Canada with highly detailed, true to life scenery. This is the first release, it is compatible with ATS build 1.39. Map Contents British Columbia: Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Hope, Kamloops, Kelowna, Merritt, Osoyoos, Penticton, Princeton, Salmon Arm, … Read more

PaZzMod map mod

road in truck simulator

ATS map mod PaZzMod: Imperial County, East Riverside County, Yuma, Mexicali, San Luis R.C. Load order for PaZzMod-MEX Coast 2 Coast Coast 2 Coast MegaResources Patch Mega Resources Sierra Nevada PaZzMod Mexssimap Mexico Extremo Viva Mexico Load order for PaZzMod-Standalone Coast 2 Coast Coast 2 Coast MegaResources Patch Mega Resources Sierra Nevada PaZzMod Requirements for both versions: … Read more

Montana Expansion

Montana Expansion countryside

Montana Expansion ATS map mod has been added to Coast 2 Coast –  does NOT need to be downloaded if you are using Coast2Coast. It requires all SCS map DLC’s. After downloading, simply unzip and drop the Montana Expansion.scs and Montana Assets.scs into your mod folder like always. Place assets above expansion. It does require … Read more

Sierra Nevada 2.2 Reforma

ats Sierra Nevada map mod

Sierra Nevada map mod ATS 1.37. Now released for free. This mod remodels extensive areas in northern California and the vast majority of Nevada in the base map of ATS. Load order; *** (other mods, trailer, weather, graphics) **(other map mods such as C2C, CanaDream, etc, use Mega Resources C2C patch here; … 2.scs.html) … Read more

PaZzMod v1.2.01 – Salton Sea Area, Yuma, Mexicali

American Truck Simulator map mod

PaZzMod V 1.2.01 | Salton Sea Area, Yuma, Mexicali mod for American Truck Simulator 1.37 Requirements for both versions: ATS 1.37 All ATS Map DLC Mega Resources 2.1.8 (Or higher) Requirements for PaZzMod-MEX version: Viva Mexico 2.5.3 (Or higher) Backup your savegame before replacing older versions! Load order for PaZzMod-MEX 1. Mega Resources 2. Sierra Nevada 3. … Read more

American Truck Stop UPDATE V1.6.5

American Truck Stop UPDATE V1.6.5

American Truck Stop mod update V1.6.5 By Ernst Veliz. Mod for American Truck Simulator version 1.37. UPDATE V1.6.5 * -All truck stops and gas stations were retouched, giving more space to rest * -Fixed some trucks that were out of level, in all states * -Best optimization and Mod Performance for version 1.37.x * -Compatible … Read more