Big garage Ducati

Big garage Ducati for American Truck Simulator Authors: Grinder, losevo58 DOWNLOAD

Viva Mexico v2.4.9

This American Truck Simulator map mod includes: -Baja California -Baja California Sur -Sonora -Sinaloa -Durango Additional bugs reported in diffirent parts of map Map data DOWNLOAD

CanaDream v2.8.3 1.34

CanaDream map 2.8.3 map mod for ATS patch 1.34. Updates: -weigh stations -models -updated some of the Oil Tanks Credits: ManiaX DOWNLOAD

ATMX Map Addon v0.2

ITS A FICTIONAL MAP, with new roads, city names, etc etc etc… 25 cities/regions in this project. You can combine with other maps like C2C, DOWNLOAD

Mario Map ATS 1.33

This map contains the territories of the USA, South America, Hawaii and Japan Changelog: Updated for release ATS 1.33 Fixed bugs found Fixed invisible walls DOWNLOAD