Unimex map: South of Mexico

Unimex map south of Mexico ats mexico map American Truck Simulator mexico

Unimex map: South of Mexico an ATS map that it is a externas mod that connects south of México with the actual map of mexico(reforma).

Good morning friends I hope you are well I would like to share the update of the map Unimex version 1.0.1 in which 7 companies are added around the map:

Fedex bodegas, Nico furniture, Coronilla, 2 versions of Jimbo, one of materials, a hardware store, as well as the incorporation of the city of xpujil campeche

I hope you like it and thank you for your support.

Note: regarding the signals there was a problem with the mega-resources and the update will be done once reform releases the relevant mega-resources, sorry for the inconvenience.

Stay updated about this mod on its Facebook page.

Credits: Unimex, Franck mx

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.44

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