Best ATS Mods 2020 list: year in review

Let’s make a quick recap of the best ATS Mods of 2020. Some of these are really good and they’ll probably keep their status in 2021 as well. It was a great year for American Truck Simulator with the release of 2 new map expansions, Colorado and Idaho. Also we have to mention the new Freightliner Cascadia truck and Western Star. In addition we have to thank SCS Software for keeping the game so updated.

In 2020 it was a great year for mods too. We had a lot of new mods, from maps to updated, detailed truck mods. The modding community of American Truck Simulator is big and we want to thank them too. Also make sure to support them if you can.

best ats mods

Here is a list of the best ATS mods

  • Best map mod certainly goes to the Coast to Coast Map. The title explains everything, you get to travel from one coast to another, that is a full map for you! We also have to tell you about the Great America map. The ProMods Canada map is also growing in popularity.
  • Now for the truck mod that you guys liked the most, it’s a battle between the Kenworth K100 and Peterbilt 386. They both deserve an honorable mention. The K100 is a realistic truck and really detailed, with custom interior and sound. The 386 is kept up to date by the author and is also really detailed.
  • As far as sound mods go, Sound Fixes Pack is some of the best you can get. It provides essential improvements to common sounds in the game.
  • In the tuning/accessories mods section the Real Tires Mod is the leader. It adds new tires with real life branding. There are114 different front and 134 different rear tires from various manufacturers.
  • Starting with the winter in December, the ATS winter mods grew a lot in popularity. We have to mention the Frosty Winter Weather Mod. It changes the environment completely, bringing winter into your game. In addition, the Coca-Cola trailer skin combo was a great success.
  • This year the Real Company Logo 3D mod was unfortunately discontinued. As a replacement we recommend you the Real Companies & Trailers mod.
  • In addition to everything, we have to shoutout an interior mod too. The Google Maps Navigation is one of my personal favorites and I think everyone should get it for ATS.

Other honorable mentions: for graphics, JBX Settings RC. Also a mod that adds 4×2 & 8×4 chassis to the Mack Anthem. ATS real logos project is changing the game to remind more of real life.


I hope you enjoyed this article and that it was helpful. This list of the best ATS mods was made taking in consideration the popularity and interest in the mods from the community of the website. Have a great year! Also stay tuned for more mods in 2021.

In 2021 we’re waiting for a new lightning system and the release of Wyoming DLC! But maybe the most exciting of the new stuff is the ATS multiplayer. So follow us on Facebook and stay up to date with what is coming! Keep on trucking!

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