Wyoming New State ATS DLC Confirmed

Today we are introduced to the new upcoming ATS Wyoming DLC. It will be the new state to make its way into American Truck Simulator. We are really excited for what is coming! This came in shortly after the release of the Cabin Accessories DLC. It’s like it’s already Christmas. Let’s take a look at what SCS Software let us know for know.

american truck simulator wyoming

Firstly, let’s see what we knew before. So recently there was a video posted by the SCS team on their YouTube channel. It featured a trucker going on a road late at night, so we could not see a lot. On a side road he was greeted by a herd of bison. Immediately we knew, it was the bison state, Wyoming! It’s the official state mammal since 1985. Check out the video below.

Wyoming State is coming

Secondly, we have some fresh news! We will be able to see bison in American Truck Simulator. Wyoming is in early development stage. We obviously don’t have a release date yet. Let’s talk more about it.

Even if Wyoming is a less populated state, it still has some exciting places to visit. National parks, red-walled gorges, hot springs, historic prairie towns, pioneer history, and historical attractions are a glimpse of what’s coming. We can’t wait!

ats wyoming dlc

As we mentioned, the DLC is still in an early stage. We hope that maybe we will get more DLCs next year. If things will go at the same pace, we might get the whole ATS map in 20 years. Read more in our article about it. In addition to the DLC, SCS is working on a new light system. You can see that in the pictures.

ats wyoming dlc urban area

Stay tuned for more by following us on Facebook. Also you can already add Wyoming to your Steam wish list. We recommend you getting the ProMods Canada ATS map mod as well. Find more pictures on the SCS blog. What are your opinions on the new state? Let us know in the comments below. Keep on trucking!

wyoming dlc in american truck simulator

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