TSA Australian Drop Deck Trailer Skins

ats TSA Australian Drop Deck skin

australian trailer skin mod ats

This is an ATS skin mod for TSA Australian Drop Deck Trailers. Here is what it’s included: Australia Post, Mainfreight Northern Territory, CUintheNT and TNT.

All my skins are Free of charge and only ever available on the Steam Workshop. If they appear anywhere else then someone is making money off them, only get my skins here on the Workshop. If you do wish to donate then please use the link below. Either way I will still continue to do my skins with or without donations, I would also like to thank everyone for there continued support. DONATE on PayPal

Credits: JayGee81
Credit For Trailers “TSA/C.A.M”


1 thought on “TSA Australian Drop Deck Trailer Skins”

  1. Just to let you know the skins look great but I cannot find the Trailer drop deck mod, so the skins are of little use unless they are made to fit the B double trailers made by SCS.
    It was a bitter sweet moment for me finding the skins but no trailers. Is it something to do with the latest updates?


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