ats Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions

Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions

ats Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions

ATS mod Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions. Should be compatible with all versions of ATS.

Change log from v2.4 to v20.7.7:

Added Eaton Cummins Endurant 12-speed, Eaton Cummins Endurant 11-speed

Corrected automatic transmission mode name for all transmissions (D instead of A)

Adjusted shift times of all automated transmissions

Changed Eaton FAOM(F)-15810B 10-speed to Eaton FAM(F)-15810B 10-speed (use g_remove_missing_accessories if transmission missing), Eaton FRO-15210B 10-speed to Eaton FR-15210B 10-speed (use g_remove_missing_accessories if transmission missing), Eaton UltraShift (PLUS) VXP 18-speed to Eaton UltraShift (PLUS) MXP 18B 18-speed (use g_remove_missing_accessories if transmission missing)
Added support for International LoneStar, Mack Anthem, VNL, for International 9800 by Odd_fellow, Harven, Lucasi & Pauly, support for many Freightliner trucks, Kenworth trucks, Peterbilt 567 by GTM, for Western Star 4900FA by sib3rius et al.

Unified available differential ratios across all transmissions and added new ones (20 for each transmission)

Complete rework of mod file structure

This includes uploading any parts of the mod to a file hosting service, uploading of edited material to a file hosting service and posting it on mod forums.
You may however edit the mod for personal use and for personal use only!
If you want to include the mod or parts of it in your mod then ask the author(s) for a permission before doing so and remember to give credit!

Credits: LoaderSaints (Author)
rookie_one (Eaton Integrated Powertrain)
Eaton Corporation Plc (Transmission specifications)
Mbman212 (Testing & help)
KubaJAM (Testing)

DOWNLOAD mod version 20.7.7

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