A new ATS DLC released – We get 2 DLCs per year?

A new American Truck Simulator DLC was released adding another state to the map. Colorado was next on SCS Software’s list this year. Earlier this year we got Idaho DLC in July 2020. We’ve recognized a pattern in the development of ATS. There’s at least two map expansions every year and we get some more map upgrades on the way. The United States has 50 states out of which we have 9. Continuing on this pace, we will get all the states in 20 years time! That’s a downside but there’s some upsides too! Let me show you.

ats colorado dlc download

ATS has two map expansion per year

What are the upsides of getting only 2 states/year in American Truck Simulator?

  • We get very detailed states
  • Attention to the local landmarks
  • Industries are carefully selected for the current location
  • More realism
  • Upgrading the other parts of the map at the same time

Also there’s downsides, such as the long period of time that we have to wait for. But there’s a temporary fix for that! You can install ATS map mods because there’s plenty to choose from. Maps such as Great America expand the continent and CanaDream adds the map of Canada in American Truck Simulator. Coast to Coast map is another honorable mention.

colorado dlc ats

The new Colorado DLC

On the release of the new Colorado map expansion we can see what we were talking about earlier. The attention to details, the variety of nature and the real feel of driving down an American highway is there! I would like to congratulate SCS for their efforts to make this game great. The release price of the DLC is 11,99€ or $11.99 if you are in the US. You can download it directly from Steam.

What stands out in Colorado DLC? The towns and cities more detailed than ever. I was just deliver some cargo in Sterling and I noticed a big drawing on the wall with the city name. I believe even that has to take a lot of time! Also worth mentioning are the tourist information centers that now have truck parking. Also we have to appreciate the awesome viewpoints which, we could say, humanizes the game.

ats ouray city

A cool addition to ATS is now the Denver airport. It has a realistic access road and let’s you explore more than you used to. In addition to the variety of detailed planes present at the airport, you can now unload/load cargo directly from a full size cargo plane! That’s awesome!

delivering cargo in plane ats

Where to go next?

As soon as I explore more of the map, I will get back to you. I use Google Maps Navigation Mod to get around. You can follow my ATS adventures on YouTube, a subscribe would be appreciated. Like us on Facebook, we post updates on American Truck Simulator.

There’s a video below showing a lot of interesting stuff across the map, from Sterling to the capital, Denver. It’s funny that Sterling is so detailed but still, there is no service station in it. I am also wondering, what will be the next map expansion DLC for American Truck Simulator? Let me know in the comments. Do you think it’s going to be Montana? Some say it’s Wyoming. Hopefully we’ll get both and more! Keep on trucking!

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