Colorado Spings in new DLC

The new American Truck Simulator Colorado DLC is almost released now. We got a few teasers on the way from SCS Software, you can find all we know on the article about ATS Colorado release date.
Colorado Springs is the second most populous city after the capital of Denver. Also there’s also some of the richest gold mines.

ats colorado springs

Important landmarks are present here as well. The Garden of the Gods Park is one of them. It has incredible rock formations. Also it is one of the best parks to visit in the US. It will be available to ATS players through a hidden road! Wow!

ats colorado dlc

In addition, the United States Air Force Academy will also be featured in the game. There’s also the full size airplane restaurant where you can wine and dine, unfortunately only in real life.

ats colorado springs plane

Truckers of ATS will be there for work. So there are a few cool industries around Colorado Springs too. You can find anything from construction to food. Also you will be able to deliver cargo while enjoying some scenic and detailed view. That’s what ATS is about now!

american truck simulator colorado springs

In conclusion, stay tuned for the official release of American Truck Simulator Colorado DLC. You can follow us on Facebook and add the DLC to your Steam wish list. Keep on trucking!

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