Nature in ATS Colorado DLC

Colorado is full of scenic beauties thanks to the big variety in nature. American Truck Simulator recreates the scenery as best as possible. This is thanks to the map creators at SCS Software. In addition, the ATS Colorado DLC is just a few days away from the release! Read more articles on our news section about Colorado DLC to see what’s coming.

Nature in ATS Colorado DLC

Nature in this state is really unique and comes in various sizes and shapes. It has anything from really green forests to rocky formations. Some of these are now included in American Truck Simulator and were mentioned by SCS. The emerald-green national forests or the Garden of the Gods are just a few of the incredible places which you will be able to visit.

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More is waiting for you! In addition to natural parks, there will be national monuments and other natural attractions. Also important to mention is Ouray, a Municipality in Colorado called the Switzerland of America. This is thanks to its alpine environment and high mountains rising around the town. Also I can’t express how lucky we are to get to see all this places in a game that is more detailed with every update.

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In conclusion, were excited about this new ATS DLC release. Learn more about it in our recent article about Denver in ATS, the capital of Colorado. Also make sure to add it to your Steam wish list and follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on news. The ATS Colorado release date is close, so stay tuned!

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