ATS Colorado DLC: Denver

We are talking about Colorado, so we have to talk about Denver. American Truck Simulator will get a new state soon and so a new capital. You can add it to your Steam wish list so you don’t miss its release date.

ats denver colorado dlc

Denver dates back to November 17, 1858 and has a population of over 727000 people. Also it is located in the Center-North region on the map, right on top of Colorado Springs, near the gold mines. It has a few museums and the 19th-century buildings are an attraction. But as truckers, what’s most important to us is the industry.

denver american truck simulator

New industries

The Denver International Airport is one important location. This is said to be the most accurate representation of an airport in American Truck Simulator, according to SCS. So consider that there will be lots of details, including the famous horse statue. Also an interesting delivery place is going to blow your minds. Truckers can drop off the cargo inside of a large cargo aircraft! Wow! What do you think about that?

ats denver international airport

Also, as we mentioned before, some of the most important ATS industries of Colorado will be here. There are anything from beverage factories to wind power plant construction sites.

delivering cargo in plane ats


SCS informs us that drivers will get to travel through the famous ‘mousetrap intersection’. It is an interesting take on a road network which consists in the interchange of Interstate 25 and Interstate 70. Also it dates back to 1951, now making its way into American Truck Simulator.

denver mousetrap intersection american truck simulator

ATS is getting some new traffic lights designs with this DLC. These can be found in Denver, exactly in the places where they are in real life. This is great attention to detail from SCS Software’s part.

new traffic lights american truck simulator

If you’re already thinking about the exciting new adventures coming with Colorado DLC, hear me out. You are going to love this ATS truck mod which will blend in perfectly in the new environment. Stay connected with us on Facebook. Don’t forget to keep on trucking!

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