ATS Colorado: Gold Industry

This is what’s coming up with ATS Colorado – some great new adventures. They feature one of the most popular and valuable item known to man – gold. The state of Colorado is pretty diverse in its relief shapes. There are the famous Rocky Mountains in the western half of the state. In the eastern part there are mostly plain fields.

ATS Colorado Gold Industry

Right in the center of Colorado, there’s The Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine. It is the richest gold mine in Colorado’s history. Also it is still active today and in 2019 it produced over 11 tons of gold worth over 511 million dollars. In addition, they say there’s still 118 tons of gold that need to be excavated. American Truck Simulator players, get ready for the gold rush!

american truck simulator colorado dlc gold

There’s going to be a lot of jobs for the skilled American Truck Simulator trucker! Make sure you get the best ATS truck mod for your trip. We recommend you this Western Star 49X Reworked mod.

What is there to be transported? Haul anything from mining equipment and waste rock to equipment necessary for mining. Are you ready to support the mining site in the new ATS Colorado DLC? Add it to your Steam wish list! Also take care while driving to it on the dirt roads leading from Colorado Springs!

ats colorado dlc gold rush

In conclusion, we are looking forward to Colorado DLC for American Truck Simulator. Also, we’d like to know your opinion on what’s coming, so follow us on Facebook. This way you will also stay up to date with the latest ATS Mods and news.

Are you ready for the new ATS DLC? Until the next one, keep on trucking!

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