ats Coast to Coast Map

Coast to Coast Map – v2.11.5

ats Coast to Coast Map

Coast to Coast Map mod for ATS 1.38. With both it and the Idaho DLC released, it’s time to put them together with the map.

All DLCs are required in order to run this American Truck Simulator map mod. Report any problems on the SCS forum.

Also for installation, follow the video tutorial below. You have to respect a certain type of mod ordering.

If you like the map and would like to support me, check out my Patreon @

Credits: Mantrid


5 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map – v2.11.5”

  1. Long time user of the Coast to Coast map mod. The crew that works on it do their best to improve it regularly. Always able to address issues that pop up with the mod, and they have a detailed knowledge of what does and doesn’t work with the mod. Cheers on the latest update!


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