Let’s cruise Colorado together in ATS!

The #CruisingColorado is a World of Trucks event in American Truck Simulator to celebrate the release of the new DLC. We’re getting straight to the point because there’s no time to waste. The community is challenged by SCS Software to drive 60,000,000 miles (96,560,640 km). You have to do this by delivering cargoes to or from all the cities in Colorado. We already started the challenge, and we invite you to follow it on YouTube. You won’t regret it!

ats colorado dlc

The challenge requires you to have the Colorado DLC which can be purchased on Steam. You also need a World of Trucks account connected to your game. Then just take an external contract inside the game that is longer than 100 miles. We recommend that you go to the SCS blog post to read the whole rules list.

Of course there’s going to be some prizes! After you deliver to or from the 13 cities of Colorado, you will get a cool ATS truck skin named Rocky Mountain Bighorn. When the 60 million miles goal is reached, you will get a Rocky Rodeo Gem ornament for your truck interior. Also take note that you have to activate these rewards in the World of Truck website before you can use them in American Truck Simulator. While doing the challenge, you might want to try out this Realistic Truck Physics mod.

ats Cruise Colorado

Are you up for the challenge? Let us know. Let’s Cruise Colorado together. We also recommend reading more about the new ATS Colorado DLC. Also we have to let you know something! We will get all the entire ATS map only in 20 years! Read the article to find out why. Keep on trucking!

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