American Truck Simulator Multiplayer coming 2021

SCS recently shared some information about American Truck Simulator. They hosted a livestream on the 21st of December. There they talked about what is coming in 2021. We left a clip of the proof from the official SCS stream below. Check it out!

ats multiplayer

So here are a few stuff that they mentioned:

  • New ATS DLCs: Wyoming DLC and possibly Texas
  • Rebuilding older states
  • Additional cabins for the Western Star 49X truck and new trucks
  • Most important of all: American Truck Simulator Multiplayer!
  • Also, as we already know, both ATS and ETS2 will be getting a new light system.

american truck simulator multiplayer

You can also check this teaser video. We can be expecting the American Truck Simulator Multiplayer mod to come out in 2021.

What do you think? I think this is some next level stuff. It’s about time we got an official multiplayer and dump trailers! We’ve played these games for years. But how do you think that multiplayer will look like? Let us know in the comments below!

multiplayer mod ats american truck simulator multiplayer mod trucks

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more. Follow us on Facebook for that! Also the screenshots were taken from Truckers.FM‘s Facebook page. Soon we will be able to truck together. So keep on trucking!

4 thoughts on “American Truck Simulator Multiplayer coming 2021”

  1. MP is already a thing, uses the mod TruckersMP to access MP
    if they are making it part of the base game, sure hope mods are allowed as thats the only downfall of TruckersMP with no mods allowed


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