ATS Wheel Tuning Pack Update

The ATS Wheel Tuning Pack has just received an update. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a DLC that adds new wheel stuff in the tuning options. Some of this stuff are new covers, discs, hubs and nuts. Also this is a great way to customize your wheels in American Truck Simulator!

ATS Wheel Tuning Pack Update

The update brings heavy-duty wheels. Firstly, this is in the context of the newer ATS map expansions. You are now able to visit different places and rougher terrains. So if you want to get ready for that, now you can. The new heavy-duty wheels bring special tires, with deeper treads and thicker rubber, as SCS mentioned. Also 14 rim designs are now updated to fit your truck in any form. This is great news for the ATS truckers!

american truck simulator wheel tuning

How do you like this new update? Let us know on our ATS Facebook page and follow us. You can purchase this ATS DLC on Steam. So SCS did a great job again on keeping the American Truck Simulator community satisfied. Also we want to recommend you this Real Eaton Fuller Transmissions tuning mod. We think you will love it. Keep on trucking!

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