ATS Real Logos Project

ATS Real Logos Project

This mod replaces dozens of parody logos in the game with their real-world counterparts. (Textures only, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility when a new version of the game is released.) This includes vans, storefronts, billboards, buildings, etc. I’m not certain all of these textures actually are being used by the game at this time, however. (For example, the PAPA Auto Care Center texture appears not to be used but rather the text is placed via 3D model, so my change of the texture to NAPA does nothing.)

This mod also changes textures that andrei383 had changed for his ATS Heavy Cargo Logos mod. He had cut corners with some of them e.g. using the same “clean” texture for both the clean and dirty Wirtgen machines, not maintaining built-in shading, etc.), so I have modified them myself. For other textures that he changed which had no issues, I have not changed them myself, so I do recommend getting his mod and just keeping it a lower priority so my improvements take precedence when available.

If you have satan19990’s Real Gas Stations mod, you can use this mod with it. Put this mod at a higher priority and you’ll get the Delo ads and real credit card ads on his Chevron stations.

Credits: Keeper1st


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