Must have mods for American Truck Simulator

Must have mods for American Truck Simulator 1.37 are mods that change the game in a very positive way. So that it gets better and more realistic. We have selected these mods with care and with a sim trucker’s needs in mind. These mods are tested and work on ATS patch 1.37. I want to note that some of them may be discontinued but they are working in 1.37 and might work even on further versions of ATS.

Must have mods American Truck Simulator

Must have mods

  • Smooth camera plugin: this is how swapping between different angles in the interior should be from the start. It refers to the number pad camera controls. For instance, when you press to change the view in the cabin, it introduces a smooth animation from one position to another.
  • Real tires mod: bring real life into the game with official branded wheels.
  • Real traffic density and ratio: roads in real life a little bit more crowded than in ATS. This mod will create the perfect balance for a realistic feel of traffic.
  • Google Maps Navigation: in American Truck Simulator we use the navigation a lot to get to the destination. Therefore, have yourself a realistic navigation. It is available in a normal version and a night version.
  • Classic Cars AI Traffic Pack: this pack adds in traffic 90 new AI cars. Similarly to real life, you get older vehicles in game. Also you can see really classic and rare cars.
  • Real Advertisements: ads are everywhere. So what is a better way to make ATS realistic than with real ads?
  • Real American Gas Stations: filling up is a big part of the game. Adding realism in that particular part of the game is where this mod comes in.
  • Real Logos Project: it continues to bring parts of real life. The society we live in is full of advertisements and we cannot avoid them. However, why not change them so they contribute to the realism of the game?

Must have environment mods

  • Realistic Roads: you need this mod! It changes the asphalt textures with more realistic ones. From fresh to dusty asphalt and new gravel or pavement textures, it makes everything much better.
  • New Mountain Textures: there is a big need of this because little things matter. In other words, this is a small detail that you will see in the background, but, which will make a big impact.
  • Enhanced Vegetation: this is about reworked textures and tweaking things so they’re more pleasing to the eye. The environment will be so much better with this.

The list is made based on the mods I use on a daily basis and which add realism. I feel like this list might not be complete, but I assure you it’s quite enough to change American Truck Simulator into a more realistic experience.

What are your thoughts on this must have mods for American Truck Simulator list? Stay tuned on ATS Mods and follow us on Facebook. On our website we have a huge variety of mods and new models. Just recently, we created a list of the best ATS truck mods for this year. Keep on truckin’!

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