Smooth Interior Camera Plugin

Smooth Interior Camera Plugin

Camera is controlled by numpad. Video will describe everything.


  • Smooth move of camera in interior,
  • Two types of animation
  • Universal for every keys settings (default is for numpad),
  • You can change predefined camera positions (in settings file or by DELETE key).


  • INSERT – enable/disable mod;
  • DELETE – change predefined positions of camera;
  • HOME – reload settings from file;

How to install:

  • Go to main directory of ATS;
  • Next go to “bin” -> “win_x64”;
  • There create a folder called “plugins”;
  • Copy .dll to this folder;

I’m doing this for free so if you like my work please donate to me:

Settings app:

Source code:

Virus scan: … /detection

.NET Framework 4.0 required to run config app.

Credits: Harry


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