Ownable Cargo Market Rework

Ownable Cargo Market Rework ats

This is an Ownable Cargo Market ATS mod Rework. Tired of hauling the very same loads all the time? Then look no further, this mod is what you are looking for 😀 This mod will add plenty of new loads and will remake how vanilla loads spawn in many of in-game companies. You won´t be … Read more

ALEXD Double Earnings

This mod requires American Truck Simulator patch 1.33.x or lower Don’t reupload this mod. Respect the original download link. Double Earnings for Jobs(if you like to make money easier) Instagram: instagram.com/alexdmods/ Facebook: facebook.com/alexdmods/ Blog: alexdmods.blogspot.com/2018/12/alexd-double-earnings-ats.html If you want to support me : paypal.me/alexdedu Credits: alexdedu DOWNLOAD

Pardubak’s Economy Mod ATS v1.31

14:09 5.6.2018 Pardubak’s Economy Mod ATS v1.31 ================================ ATTENTION: I recommend to start with new profile. Set it with the heighest priority. You can use this mod with other maps now (e.a. CanaDreams 2.6, C2C 2.5, Viva Mexico 2.4.4, Project Going East 0.7). Mod have been tested with ATS v.1.31.1s + DLC: Arizona, New Mexico, … Read more

Currency Pack V1.4 1.30


•AED – (V1.3) – Emirati Dirham
•AFN – (V1.4) – Afghan Afghani
•ALL – (V1.3) – Albanian Lek
•AMD – (V1.3) – Armenian Dram
•ANG – (V1.2) – Dutch Guilder
•AOA – (V1.3) – Angolan Kwanza
•ARS – (V1.2) – Argentine Peso
•AUD – (V1.0) – Australian Dollar
•AWG – (V1.4) – Aruban Florin

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