Ownable Cargo Market Rework

Ownable Cargo Market Rework ats

This is an Ownable Cargo Market ATS mod Rework.

Tired of hauling the very same loads all the time? Then look no further, this mod is what you are looking for 😀

This mod will add plenty of new loads and will remake how vanilla loads spawn in many of in-game companies. You won´t be hauling anymore a foodtanker directly to a grocery store, for example. You will be able to haul some loads that were restricted to some type of trailers and in the same way this mod will prevent some loads to spawn with the wrong trailer (I really hope SCS correct this in the future)

As a bonus, I enabled the hidden reefer & tank container present in game files. There are loads of them, I just added two for the initial version of the mod. For some reason SCS decided not include them despite the fact they are awesome!

A few notes worth taking into account if using this mod:

1. Some Steam Achievements (those related to cargoes like the Potato one in Idaho DLC) won´t work with this mod activated. If you are a Steam achievements hunter, please don´t use this mod.

2. WoT Contracts don´t work very well with this mod activated because of the changes this mod introduced in cargo market. If you are a WoT contract fan, please don´t use this mod.

3. In order to get the class 6 ADR placard, you need to download Nitrodax’s “Additional SCS Box Hazmat Cargo“, if not you will have errors in gamelog and no placard for medical vaccines cargo!

Find more information on the official SCS Forum post.

Credits: LAFAYET47


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