Additional SCS Box Hazmat Cargo

Additional SCS Box Hazmat Cargo

This is an ATS mod that adds 8 additional hazmat loads for the SCS box in both cargo and freight markets. Just don’t try to blow yourself up, ok?

Due to how the game is setup, additional hazmat classes cannot be added without changing the UI itself, which I will not do. Therefore, all 8 new cargos branch off of the same 4 classes twice in ascending order.

Workshop uploader messed up the cargo previews and made them a bit blurry on the rescale. I do not care to fix them.

This is for the SCS box only as the other owned trailers do not have placarded cargo(which is kinda the whole point of this).

If you want me to add support for additional 3rd party mod trailers that have placards, let me know and I’ll THINK about it, but in no way is that guaranteeing I’ll actually do it.

Loads do NOT work for MP.

****I will cease updating this mod if it is reuploaded/stolen in any way, shape, or form, to any other website outside of Steam without my permission.****

Credits: Nitrodax777


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