Project Bigger Mexico

ats mods Project Bigger Mexico

Project Bigger Mexico ats map

Hi, everyone, I want to share my first ever map project, Project Bigger Mexico.

Consists of:

– Coahuila
– Nuevo Leon
– Tamaulipas

Put this map above C2C and Reforma

This map basically a C2C map in Mexico three states for now (Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas), with modded sign, so the Mexican signs from Reforma used in here
This map use C2C cities map for respective cities for Monterrey and etc (PS I can’t make a good and realistic map)

This map also connect with Unimex Map (i recommend Unimex 1.0)

Unimex still works for ATS Montana, for all version


– C2C Map by Mantrid
– Reforma Map
– Unimex Map

NOTE : Please use Reforma Map not Reforma Mexico for better results

For ATS 1.45 with Montana DLC

Thanks for Mantrid for permission to use C2C Map and Assets

Credits: Zenkaiser2021

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.45 +

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