SCS Livestock Trailer REWORK

ats SCS Livestock Trailer REWORK

This mod is a fix for the ridiculous bad dimensions of the original livestock trailer. As you may know, the original trailer is very tall and narrow, wich makes it look innacurate. Also, the tandem axle chassis option in the ownable version looks bad, because it has the same length than the tri axle and spread axle chassis.

So I decided to rework every part of the trailer to make it look good and realistic. That includes the ownable, the freight market, the cargo and the ai (traffic) models. The tandem axle option is now replaced by a tri axle with rear lift/steer axle. I also tweaked the trailer, body, chassis and cargo masses.

This mod is tested on ATS 1.44, 1.45 and 1.46 game version.

Credits: SCS-original trailer model
Alberto Rios-all the rework

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