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ats map alaska ats alaska map Route Alaska Map

New Alaska Map mod for American Truck Simulator. The map adds a route to the city of Valdez Alaska from the port of Coupeville.

Changes in 1.2:

  • the map has been moved to another sector to the north
  • new loading locations have been added
  • bugs have been fixed for the previous version
  • Fixes, departure near the city of Medford

Changes in 1.3:

  • In this version, a new delivery point in Chitina has been added, as well as Alaska license plates. Thanks for the provided signs and help to the project to the user of the scs forum under a nickname [hitman] .Compatibility 1.45, fixed some bugs.

Install a high priority def file to work with other mods. For the mod to work are needed all DLCS maps.

Have a nice trip to Alaska. To work with other mods, set the def file with high priority. The link contains two files, for two versions, include the current version in the modification.

Credits: ivanmykyta

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.45 +

DOWNLOAD mod v1.3 for ATS 1.43 +

DOWNLOAD fix def file

3 thoughts on “Route Alaska Map”

  1. I’m yet to get this to work. Map doesn’t show up anywhere but the in-cab GPS. Loads don’t show up on the Freight Market. And the load I found there, a Special Transport, wouldn’t even fit through the gates at the ferry, Lol.

    • Me too, or me either. In fact I can’t start a new profile in Valdez either. I have had BOTH new SCS files at the top of the priority list too, with the same negative results. My route there (from the world map) is a dashed line from Bellingham to Valdez.


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