Realistic Corner Shops 1.1

ats mod realistic logos

This mod changes some of the logos present in the shops to realistic ones, it’s a small change that adds a lot of realism Take a look to some of the shops and feel free to share some ideas, in the next update I can add your suggestions The mod will work on all DLC … Read more

Better Flares 3.1c

ats better flares

Better Flares 3.1 is an adapted version of Better Flares 3.0.1, with converted textures to latest. Load order: BFv3.1a Headlights (Blue/Neutral/Yellow – CHOOSE ONLY ONE) BFv3.1 LED addon (optional) BFv3.1a Base BFv3.1 Jazzycat add-ons (optional) Jazzy packs (optional) Other Traffic add-ons BFv3.1 Default Traffic addon Other Mods (trucks trailers maps etc) IT IS TESTED, BUT … Read more

JBX Settings RC v1.6.1 – Reshade

The post-processing effects of Reshade + JBX Settings RC offer more realistic graphics and compatibility with many Games. Features: – Anti-Aliasing – Better Color – Better Contrast – Less Pure White – Sharpness and Focus Package Content: – Reshade – JBX Settings RC Changelog v1.6.1 for Reshade: Adjustments and Improvements in Arcane Bloom. – Added … Read more

Enhanced Driving XPerience 2.0

Enhanced Driving XPerience

This is Boeing73FLY’s Enhanced Driving XPerience 2.0 mod for American Truck Simulator. The author believes it to be an essential mod for realism. This mod makes the in-game driving experience a little more realistic, so is great for all those using this to learn how to drive real trucks, also before they decide to drive … Read more

Ownable Cargo Market Rework

Ownable Cargo Market Rework ats

This is an Ownable Cargo Market ATS mod Rework. Tired of hauling the very same loads all the time? Then look no further, this mod is what you are looking for 😀 This mod will add plenty of new loads and will remake how vanilla loads spawn in many of in-game companies. You won´t be … Read more

Frosty Winter Weather Mod v3.0

Frosty Winter Weather Mod

This is a ATS Winter Mod. It changes the textures of the roads, plants, sky and more to create winter in American Truck Simulator. Key Features: Winter weather and environment Snow/Sleet instead of rain More sky textures Frosty road textures Winter daylight hours and temperatures Random cloudy, misty and sunny weather HDR bloom reduced *Heavy … Read more