Improved rain

ets2 Improved rain

– Realistic rain intensity
– Realistic rain textures
– Realistic tree textures
– Realistic mountain textures
– Slightly increased saturation of trees
– Slightly increased saturation of mountains
– Realistic rain/thunder sounds
– Realistic water spray from tires when raining
– Slippery physics during rainy weather
– Improved rain/dirt particles
– Improved road reflections

v2.9.0 Changelog:
– Added new rain textures
– Other minor tweaks and improvements


1.Always give this mod highest possible priority among other mods!
2.If you play with Sound fixes pack mod enabled, then you must use rain-sfp.scs mod, not rain.scs!

Happy Trucking and Please Be Safe:)

Credits: – Drive Safely for the realistic rain sounds
– Kass for the rain texture files and other necessary files as well as the thunder sounds
– Beta Tester Bob Sux

Original SCS forum thread

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.48 +

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