Peterbilt 359 truck

Peterbilt 359 ats mod Peterbilt 359 interior ats

Peterbilt 359 truck mod for ATS. While it comes with a whole heap of options and accessories, this was not designed as a show truck. This is a gritty, realistic piece of history you can build as a complete bucket or a freshly restored classic rig. And everything in between.

I made this becuase I am a sucker for realism and care about things like proportions and period correct details. If you like realism, you’ll like this. If you like neon underglow, there are other very well made long hood Petes you’re probably going to like better.

Consider this first version a public beta. I’m sure a number of things will surface even after the private beta run it has had. Comes as a daycab, coffin sleeper, flat top, a rusty beat up version of the flat top and with a Doonan sleeper cap – a very rare and cool option with a striking similarity to the KW Aerodyne sleeper.


Check the Outlaw Transport’s page on Facebook. Also more info can be found on the official SCS forum thread.

Credits: outlawtrucksim

– All the 359 owners and enthusiasts I pestered for measurements, blueprints and references.
– The team of beta testers who truly went above and beyond.
– The guys in the Blender Tools subforum who filled the gap between the complete lack of documentation and my own shortcomings.
– Smarty’s website for providing the Corvette dash skeleton and the Alcoa wheels.
Credits for both are as follows;
Ventures87 (wendi)
Chris (bay0net)
RBR-DUK (rbr_duk)
Jon (cascadia)

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.47 +

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