ATS Ford Crown Victoria 1.33

Ford Crown Victoria mod tested in American Truck Simulator patch 1.33 Own sound Real engine and transmission settings Detailed interior anims Lightmask Realistic interior lightning DOWNLOAD

ATS BMW E36 Compact 1.33

For sale in Kenworth for ATS Own interior Sounds Wheels Tuning DLC Cabin Accessories Support Credits: trzpro, registration in ATS mods82 DOWNLOAD

ATS Renault Symbol 2009 1.33

Find in Kenworth Own interior Sounds Own wheels (2 options) Texture baking Lightmask DLC Cab Accessories Painted Tuning Credits: TRZPRO, adaptation in ATS mods82 DOWNLOAD

Opel Corsa C 1.7 DTI

Autonomous Sold in Kenworth Auto Show Your salon Your wheels (several options) Lightmask Your wook Animation of smoke from the exhaust pipes Supports DLC Cabin DOWNLOAD