Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator V5

Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator ats trailer mod ats trailer refrigerator

I present to you the model of the semi-trailer Dorsey 48ft Reefer Features of the model, which has coloring pages and the ability to paint in any color including metallic and chrome.

Restoration, your favorite mods and tuning. coloring pages, etc. you can order from my group. Please come in: Facebook link.

Keep credits and the original link. The archive is open there is a template if anyone wants to draw their skins then please. It is also forbidden to alter or use trailer parts without my consent and permission. For yourself, rework everything you want, but if you want to post your rework to the network, contact me and ask for permission. Contact me either here on the site or serloktionov(at)

Version 4.0 change log:

Hi everyone. I have a Dorsey 48ft trailer update for you version 4.0 What’s new?
Added animation of the hitch of the trailer.
Now you can buy rear fenders and mudguards.
Added several chassis options.
Fixed some bugs.
Well, for the purposes of experiment, I added two types of double-hitch chassis. One option is a trailer and a drawbar, the second option is a double hitch. I have a mixed opinion about the double trailer. Most likely, this is a temporary option and I will remove it later, it is too bulky trailer turns out. It’s hard to get into turns with him. Whether you liked this trailer or not, write in the topic. I’ll decide what to do with it. Actually here is the link. Enjoy.

Version 5.0: Updated for American Truck Simulator 1.40

Version 6.0: for 1.44 Various fixes

Credits: selonik, dieseldog, scs

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.44 +

DOWNLOAD mod for 1.40

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